Nirve Hello Kitty 26" 3 Speed Red Limited Edition

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The Nirve Retro Kitty Ladies 3 Speed Bicycle is a stylish and unique cruiser bike, particularly appealing to Hello Kitty fans. Here's a summary of its features and specifications:

  • Frame: The bike is built around Nirve's proprietary Galaxie™ Alloy frame, known for its strength and durability. This frame is a common feature in Nirve's range of cruiser bikes.

  • Design: It features a Hello Kitty Classic paint and graphic scheme, making it visually distinctive and appealing to those who love themed designs.

  • Gearing: As the name suggests, it has a 3-speed gearing system, which provides more flexibility in riding compared to a single-speed cruiser, especially in areas with varying terrain.

  • Comfort Features: The bike includes a Hello Kitty Retro print comfort saddle and vintage grips, ensuring a comfortable riding experience. The Nirve Kandy Bars™ ergonomic handlebars are designed for ease of handling and comfort.

  • Brakes: It's equipped with both a front hand brake and a rear coaster brake, offering reliable stopping power and ease of use.

  • Wheels and Tires: The bike comes with 26” White Wall tires and aluminum wheels, which are both durable and add to the bike's aesthetic appeal.

  • Additional Features: It includes a full-length fender set, a welded cartridge kickstand, and a Hello Kitty bell. These features enhance both the functionality and the themed look of the bike.

  • Assembly and Pricing: When ordered via the internet, the bikes come 85% assembled in the box. The regular price was around $709.99, but it was available at a sale price of $599.99, offering a significant saving.

This bike combines the fun and playful elements of Hello Kitty with the practicality and comfort of a cruiser bike, making it an excellent choice for leisurely rides, short trips, or as a collectible item for Hello Kitty enthusiasts


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