Electra Rat Rod 3i 26" Limited - NIB

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Electra Rat Rod 3i is a classic cruiser bike known for its distinct style and comfortable ride. Here are some key features of this bike:

  • Frame: It has an all-steel frameset, which contributes to its classic cruiser style and durability.

  • Gearing: The bike is equipped with a three-speed internal hub, offering a simple and efficient gear system suitable for casual riding.

  • Brakes: It features a coaster brake, which is common in cruiser bikes for its simplicity and reliability.

  • Tires and Fenders: The Rat Rod 3i comes with fat blackwall tires that are enclosed in flared fenders. These fenders are particularly useful for rides over wet streets, as they help to keep the rider dry.

  • Seating and Handlebars: The bike offers a laid-back seating position supported by a plush sprung saddle. It also has swept-back highrise handlebars for a comfortable grip and an upright riding posture.

  • Design: The bike stands out with its basic black color and a flame motif that is reflected in the saddle, grips, fenders, and chainguard, giving it a unique and attractive appearance.

This combination of features makes the Electra Rat Rod 3i a good choice for those looking for a stylish, comfortable, and easy-to-ride cruiser bike

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