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Collectible Edition
The Electra Surf Blue Ocean

The Electra Surf Blue Ocean is a cruiser bike characterized by its distinctive style and comfortable design. This bike is a great choice for leisurely rides, especially along beach fronts or relaxed urban environments. Here are some of its key features:

Frame: The Electra Surf Blue Ocean comes with a high tensile steel frame, providing durability and strength. The frame is TIG-welded, ensuring quality construction and a smooth finish.
Drivetrain: It features a 3-speed internal gear system, which is ideal for casual riding. The cassette has 22 teeth, and the bike is equipped with a KMC 410 chain. The crankset is a one-piece steel construction with 44 teeth.
Wheels and Tires: The bike rolls on 26-inch aluminum rims and is fitted with Electra Blossom Trail tires, which are 26 inches by 2.125 inches. This size is typical for cruiser bikes, offering a smooth ride.
Brakes: For stopping power, the Electra Surf employs a Shimano Coaster Brake at the rear. Coaster brakes are user-friendly and reliable for casual riding.
Handlebars and Saddle: The bike features an Electra Cafe handlebar and a custom Electra spring saddle, both designed for comfort and ease of use.
Color: As its name suggests, it comes in a Blue Ocean color, adding to its aesthetic appeal.


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