Electra Rat Rod 20" Limited - NIB

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Electra Rat Rod Single Speed 20" – a vintage-inspired masterpiece that combines style, comfort, and unstoppable performance. Cruise the streets in true retro fashion with this eye-catching bike that turns heads wherever you go.

With its sleek design and reliable single-speed functionality, the Electra Rat Rod offers a smooth and effortless riding experience. The sturdy frame provides exceptional durability, ensuring years of enjoyable rides without compromising on style.

Get ready to conquer any terrain with confidence. Equipped with high-quality components and puncture-resistant tires, this bike tackles city streets, country roads, and everything in between. Its agile maneuverability makes it perfect for urban commuting or leisurely weekend rides.

Designed for comfort as well as style, the Electra Rat Rod features a relaxed riding position that reduces strain on your body during long journeys. The adjustable seat height allows you to find your ideal fit for maximum comfort on every adventure.

Embrace the timeless appeal of the Electra Rat Rod Single Speed 20" and experience the joy of cycling like never before. Whether you're an avid cyclist or a casual rider, this bike is sure to become your trusted companion on all your two-wheeled adventures. Don't just ride – make a statement with the Electra Rat Rod!

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