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The Antique Archaeology Red Wolfe bicycle is a unique cruiser bike that was created in collaboration with Mike Wolfe, known from the TV show "American Pickers." This bike is a period-specific themed cruiser, reflecting the aesthetic and spirit of Wolfe's antique store, Antique Archaeology.

Key features of the Antique Archaeology Red Wolfe bike include:

  • Design: The bike showcases an oversized springer seat embossed with the Antique Archaeology logo. This logo also appears on the top tube of the bike.
  • Edition: It's a limited edition cruiser, with each bike having an individualized plate bearing Mike Wolfe's signature and a unique production number.
  • Frame and Build: The 2018 model has a 26-inch steel frame, a rigid aluminum fork, and a cruiser-style build. The bike is designed for comfort and style rather than speed or off-road capability.
  • Components: It includes a Shimano Revo 3-speed twist for gear shifting and a coaster brake for stopping. The wheels are 26-inch aluminum rims with Felt aluminum 50mm super-wide spokes.

This bike is not just a mode of transportation but also a collector's item, especially for fans of the "American Pickers" show and those who appreciate unique, themed bicycles.


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